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Limited Editions


Through its Chinese calendar collection, the Maison Caran d’Ache brings new life to the legends behind the symbols in the Chinese Zodiac. The “Year of the Ox” limited edition is part of this line of exceptional writing instruments, celebrating in 2021, the Chinese Year of the Ox.

In the Chinese zodiac, the ox symbolises good fortune and prosperity. The year of the ox will be punctuated by numerous challenges, and if the effort made is sufficient, success will be guaranteed. A year under the aegis of the ox is therefore often synonymous with ambition and the consolidation of achievements.

Round brass body covered with glossy black polished Chinese lacquer Ox in purple Chinese lacquer Calligraphic depiction of the Ox “Chinese lacquer” engraved in Chinese on the tip Ring engraved with Caran d’Ache and Swiss Made logos.


Caran d’Ache pays homage to the fine arts in its “Chinese calendar” collection, designed to bring the legend of the symbols of the Chinese zodiac to life. The latest creation, the “Year of the Dog” limited edition, carries on the tradition of this collection of exceptional writing instruments to celebrate the advent of the Chinese Year of the Dog in 2018.

In the Chinese zodiac, the dog symbolises loyalty, integrity and devotion to just causes. Its profound intelligence, sensitive soul and alert mind often make it the defender of universal values. A loyal friend and reliable travelling companion, this pathfinder for peace brings balance and harmony to the world. Favourable to stability and positive change, the Chinese Year of the Dog promises the union of the very best energies.

Round brass body covered with a glossy black polished Chinese lacquer Dog’s body in grey Chinese lacquer Calligraphic depiction of the Dog Caran d’Ache red Chinese seal “Chinese lacquer” engraved in Chinese on the tip Ring engraved with Caran d’Ache and Swiss Made logos.


The 1010 Timekeeper limited edition reveals itself... and time stands still


For this limited edition, Caran d’Ache pays homage to watch dials – repositories of the identity of exceptional timepieces. Guardians of the march of time, they faithfully accompany it down through the ages.


10 hours and 10 minutes. The ideal moment to stop the movement of the hands.
The reinterpretation of the constituent elements of a watch dial on an original writing instrument. A journey around the dial, instantly plunging you into the world of luxury watchmaking.


Several elements of exclusive know-how are brought together in perfect harmony in this unique piece: guillochage, engraving, manual polishing, lacquering and PVD treatment.


The 1010 Timekeeper limited edition boasts two silver- and rhodium-plated caps that can be changed according to the user’s desire, just as you would change a watch strap. The first cap is inspired by the mesh design of metallic watch straps. The second cap echoes the codes of watch crowns used to set the time.


Limited edition of 500 pieces, available in fountain pen and roller pen



Ever since 1878, Lalique has symbolised a savoir-faire that develops in a world where luxury and exceptional creations are present every day. Each piece, from decorative objects to architecture, from lost-wax art objects to perfumes, is made by hand in processes that were inspired by the genius of the founder, René Lalique. Over time, the name has become the powerful symbol of a unique expertise, a style characterised by the masterly contrast of clear and satin-brushed crystal. It is a rich heritage that continues to adapt to the dynamism of its times and is entirely comfortable with modernity.


The staff of the Lalique manufacture located in Alsace, includes four of the “ Finest
Craftsmen of France” who perpetuate the skills, the style, and the name of a brand that is more than a legend: it is an art of living.


Caran d’Ache unveils a unique fine writing instrument, the Caelograph, which combines technical expertise with design in exploring one of man’s most fascinating passions: the sky.


In its long tradition of innovation, Caran d’Ache has developed another exceptional writing instrument that demonstrates great creativity and expertise. Like inventors always searching for new solutions, the craftsmen at Caran d’Ache have worked closely with an astronomer to produce this unique instrument that explores the sky and the stars.


Is it a writing instrument? A sky-watching tool? A work of art? The Caelograph is all of these. With a name that literally means “Write the sky” its ingenious mechanism allows you to see the position of the stars and the constellations at any given time, on any date. It brings alive the close, mystical relationship that has existed between man and the stars, Earth and sky, since the dawn of time.

With all its mysteries, myths and legends, the nature of the cosmos has always raised countless questions. Over the millennia, man has learned to observe and measure it in order to understand it better and use the stars and their movements as valuable indicators of time and direction. From the earliest explorers to the latest research in physics, the constellations and stars have guided man’s progress and inspired his dreams. Caelograph puts a small part of this dream within easy reach.


The sacred bird of Chinese mythology, the Phoenix, is the second most famous supernatural creature after the Dragon. The Phoenix, which is called "Feng Huang" in Chinese, only appears in times of peace and prosperity. Each of its twelve tail feathers is decorated with an eye like a peacock's feather, making the Phoenix both majestic and refined. The metal and the rhodium plated lacquer constitute a tonal harmony that brings out the delicacy of the drawing and the precision of its execution.


After the tribute to Chinese mythology with the Dragon and Phoenix, Caran d’Ache, Maison de Haute Ecriture, pays tribute to the Chinese culture. Edouard Jud, the renowned Swiss jeweller, has created for Caran d’Ache: Bamboo Limited Edition. It is a remarkable symbol of strength and delicacy, good fortune and prosperity.

The astonishing straightness of bamboo stretching up towards the sky is reflected in the purity of line in this Bamboo Limited Edition. Its body is accentuated by a gentle gradation from light to dark green and enhanced by three bamboo shoots in solid silver on which five delicate sparrows are perched. These highly active birds are traditionally associated with bamboo for their vitality and their sense of loyalty.

This limited edition reveals the expertise of the Caran d’Ache master craftsmen who have produced 88 Bamboo fountain pens and 88 roller pens in solid silver. 88 is considered a lucky number by the Chinese and the 8 itself is a symbol of perfect balance.


As a tribute to one of the world’s most fascinating countries and the incomparable richness of its culture, Caran d’Ache has created an exceptional new writing instrument.

Qatar is a culture in which calligraphy and writing have become an art form and architecture is inspired by words and texts. The East has developed its graphic styles over thousands of years and has written its story with great elegance. La Maison de Haute Écriture is celebrating Qatar with a limited, numbered edition that brings together the symbols that make the country’s identity. The two writing instruments blend several historical influences, highlighting the geometric arabesques and the legendary horses that have made Qatar’s reputation over the centuries. They even integrate the colours and design of the national flag. Great care has been taken with every detail, particularly in the exact alignment of the two colours and the powerful yet delicate engraving of the animals. The vigorous, graceful horses stand facing each other proudly on the cap. Majestic drawings enhance the coloured lacquer while the impressive gold or entrancing silver gleam with a fascinating sparkle. Burgundy and white announce the colours of Qatar and accentuate the sheer nobility of the body. And the ring, with its motifs taken directly from Islamic art, confirms the pens as works of graphic poetry. These are art objects that incarnate beauty and subtlety for the delight of all those who love the Orient or who treasure unique objects.

The fountain pen has an 18 carat gold nib and uses cartridges or the supplied converter.



Caran d’Ache presents its new limited edition dreamt up by the architect Peter Marino.

Caran d’Ache is unveiling two new exceptional creations, Varius Peter Marino and Varius Peter Marino - Special Edition, dreamed up by the famous American architect, talented designer and lover of fine materials. The Varius writing instruments by Caran d’Ache are an intrinsic part of the designer’s life. He has always used them to draw his magnificent buildings.


Caran d’Ache and the Varius collection

Caran d’Ache’s iconic Varius collection is the result of the passionate work with materials. The artisans exalts the noblest materials such as Chinese lacquer, carbon fibre, chain mail or ebony wood on the body of these fine creations. Precision, expertise and elegance are the hallmarks of this collection with superb writing comfort.


A custom-made limited edition

The two Varius Peter Marino versions are covered with leather, which provides unrivalled comfort. The architect’s rock ‘n’ roll world fuses with the spirit of Varius writing instruments to ink two creations, which are simultaneously modern, surprising and fashionable. The essential values of the Varius collection are nonetheless safeguarded. Original materials do full justice to a custom-made approach, and ancestral skills are applied to creating high-end models.



The Kufi Art Silver Plated Fountain Pen Limited Edition is a truly exceptional creation that combines the talents of the Malaysian artist, Shukor Yahya, and the craftsmen of the Geneva company. It draws its inspiration from the symbolism of Islam and from Oriental mysticism, capturing their very essence and celebrating the pleasure of handwriting and the art of calligraphy.

This is most evident in the work of the artist which, together with his signature, is exquisitely reproduced and engraved in the noble ebony of the body. Each carefully written word is hand-coated in a lacquer whose rich silver reflections echo the coloring of Byzantine art:

"Art is the ultimate expression of the human soul. It breathes joy and love, and tears sadness and tragedy." "It is the source of hope, the source of imagination. Above all else, it inspires."

Hexagonal ebony wood body engraved with Kufi Art and the signature of the Artist filled with a special silver lacquer Engravings coated special lacquer with silver reflections Silver-plated and rhodium-coated attributes Rhodium-coated 18 carat gold nib in six widths: M, B, F, EF, OM, OB Each pen is individually numbered.

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